The Basics Of Car Audio

Car window tint Austin and Car audio is more important to your life then you may think. Without it, every car ride would be pretty boring. We use it to jam out or listen to talk radio on the way to work. It makes the whole commute a little less unbearable. Now a days, a lot of people also have GPS built into their car. This technology partly relies on the audio system to give directions. Since the car audio system is so important to the function of your vehicle, it's important to learn something about it. 


The Head Unit 


You probably call the head unit in your car a radio. While this isn't false, it's really an understatement. The head unit is the piece of technology that send out signals to the speakers in your car. The signals tell the speakers which sounds to make. 


A lot of head units have a slot for C.D.'s and can even play digital music. This feature really separates the new head units from the old ones that used to only play 8 track tapes. Some head units now have video. This allows them to display GPS information and help you back out using a rear camera. 


The Amp 


The amp is just as important to the function of your car's audio system as the head piece. If your car was lacking an amplifier, the signal released from your head unit would be too weak to influence the speakers. It extends the signal and makes it powerful enough to penetrate the speakers. Without the amp, there would be no sound. 


The Speakers 


The speakers are also an extremely important piece. This is what takes the signal from the amplifier to produce sound. The energy received from the amp is converted from electrical to mechanical. This allows it to move the cone up and down. When the cone inside the speaker is moving, it creates vibrations that are audible to the human ear. In most cars, there are four of them. If there are three rows of seats in your car or van, it's likely that you have six. 


These Three Basic Pieces Work Together To Form Your Car Audio System 


If one of these parts is missing, there will be no sound. Be sure that you have all of them in working order. If your car's audio isn't producing anything, it probably means there's something wrong with one of these parts. In which case, it's time to go to the mechanic!

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